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I started creating jewelry 10 years ago in my studio apartment on the lower east side of Manhattan. I was working as a makeup artist for print, doing fashion week in New York and Paris, and I had a regular position doing make up in the education department at Bumble and Bumble. I lived in a studio apartment in an old tenement in Chinatown south of Hester on Essex. I never fancied myself a painter, but it was part of my romantic ideal to come to New York to make art, so at night instead of being a bar fly, I stayed home and did a lot of "charming". Most of my early work involved intricately strung brass chain and tiny charms that I would find at the midtown jeweling mecca Metalliferous. I would occasionally sell my charm necklaces at small group shows that I set up with my friends, but mostly they hung on the wall of my bathroom to be admired as decorative objects.

In 2008 I enrolled in a 9-month comprehensive jewelry course in Gramercy Park called Studio Jewelers. There I learned the basics of metal-smithing from casting, to enameling, etching... the whole book. Armed with my new skills I began working in the production studio of Aesa jewelry where I learned how to apply my knowledge to large-scale production jobs of beautiful handmade objects.

I came up with the Mazzoroth collection of Zodiac Constellation jewelry in 2009 for my pop-up shop at the Columbus Circle holiday market. Inspired by the simple renderings of the constellations I found in a turn-of-the-century Swiss calendar, I created the Mazzaroth collection, a subtle version of these mythic natural designs, represented as holes in metal. This collection has blossomed over the years and has proven to be timeless.

I am proud to present my latest collection, Hand Forged and Chain Classics.